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Opinion: The hate Smollett is accused of faking happened to me

My ex-boyfriend and I were walking home along Hollywood Boulevard late one night about 15 years ago, when, out of nowhere, we were blindsided by two men and their fists. It all happened so quickly, I don't actually remember how it began. My first memory is pushing off one guy and turning around to see my boyfriend on the ground being kicked by the other. They were shouting anti-gay slurs at us. I ran over to my boyfriend, yelling for the guy to get off of him. That's when either a boot or fist knocked me on the chin. I stumbled, dazed for a minute, and the next thing I remember was the blood pouring from my jaw onto the Walk of Fame.

What Dems can't afford to ignore about Bernie

Sen. Bernie Sanders launched his second presidential bid on Tuesday and turned heads by raising $5.9 million right out of the gate. Within 24 hours of his announcement, more than 223,000 people had donated to the campaign. The numbers easily outpaced his rivals. Sen. Kamala Harris, for instance, raised $1.5 million in 24 hours, while Sen. Amy Klobuchar received $1 million in donations in the first 48 hours of her campaign launch.

In Israel and UK, the political center is making a comeback

Nearly simultaneous political earthquakes shook two separate countries -- Israel and the United Kingdom -- in the past few days. While facing situations unique to them, these countries were jolted by events with striking parallels between them. Together, these rumblings suggest that the era of political polarization may have finally peaked. After years of watching their countries divided, inflamed, frightened, and drifting angrily to the extremes, centrists in both nations may have finally had enough.

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